Revenue protection and fare compliance

The Network Revenue Protection Plan is an annual document that governs fare compliance on the public transport network. The Victorian Fare Compliance Survey is conducted in May and October every year. The survey helps inform the Network Revenue Protection Plan.

Network Revenue Protection Plan

The 2019 Network Revenue Protection plan focuses on maximising the number of passengers who travel with a valid ticket while also providing high quality customer experience.

Fare compliance survey

The October 2018 fare compliance survey covered the three metropolitan modes of train, tram and bus as well as regional train services within the commuter belt.

Metropolitan network fare compliance was 96 per cent.

97.5 per cent of metropolitan train users, almost 97 per cent (96.8%) of tram travellers, 92 per cent of metropolitan bus passengers and more than 95 per cent (95.1%) of V/Line train passengers travelled with a valid ticket.